GUARANTEE - Made with Swiss Milk logo 2BEBELAN LACTA is a high quality premium formula milk produced by HOCHDORF Swiss Nutrition AG in Switzerland using one of the most advanced production facilities worldwide.

BEBELAN LACTA is made entirely and exclusively using fresh Swiss milk delivered daily from carefully selected and strictly controlled Swiss cow farms.

All BEBELAN LACTA formulas are Premium grade, and contain all the key ingredients needed to assure healthy growth and development such as Prebiotics, Omega 3 & 6 LCPUFAs and Nucleotides.

Bebelan Lacta 1,2,3 (small)

The products in the BEBELAN LACTA range are:
BEBELAN LACTA 1 Infant formula for babies from 0‐6 months old
BEBELAN LACTA 2 Follow‐on formula for babies 6‐12 months old
BEBELAN LACTA 3 Growing‐up milk for babies & toddlers 1‐3 years old